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Are you preparing to move a large item of furniture to a new home or office? If so, trying to take on the hard work yourself can do more harm than good. Not only could you damage the item itself, but you could also hurt yourself in the process. We are an established furniture removal company with a solid reputation in Leeds, Bradford and West Yorkshire, including our home in Pudsey and the nearby Cleckheaton area.

Our team uses safe working techniques when removing household or office furniture.

This blog post talks through some of our practices. Read on to find out more if you plan to move furniture yourself, or you can get in touch with us to arrange domestic and commercial furniture removal services at an affordable price.

A Clear Idea of Available Space

Make sure the space inside a new Pudsey or Cleckheaton home can accommodate furniture before trying to move it in. You can only do this by measuring the intended area carefully. An oversized sofa, or an antique wardrobe, will need moving somewhere else if you can’t get either item through a doorframe or into a corner. Alternatively, furniture may have to go into self-storage facilities for safekeeping.

This leads to more work in the long run and you’ll still have to decide on what to do next. By checking sizes and spaces beforehand, you minimise the potential for hassle.

Clear Potential Hazards

Are there packed boxes in the way of a sofa you need to move? Does the floor in a Pudsey or Cleckheaton home need slippery rugs lifting before you can shift bigger items? Given the importance of health and safety in our sector, you should also make sure that routes inside and outside the home stay clear. With a talent for furniture removals, we make risk assessments in our pre-move survey to identify potential obstacles.

We politely ask that you avoid blocking previously clear areas with boxes and other belongings when moving day finally arrives. Having to rearrange things to remove your furniture could affect your timetable.

Disassembling Larger Items

Large desks, double beds and some sporting equipment, like home gymnasiums, may need disassembling. At James Bros Removals, we can do this for you. We will be happy to discuss disassembly during our pre-move survey. We can also reassemble furniture, and other belongings, when everything reaches the final destination. For these reasons, and more, we remain a preferred choice for furniture removal in Pudsey, Cleckheaton and all surrounding West Yorkshire areas.

If you have larger, more valuable furniture items that we cannot disassemble, we will always look for a suitable and safe alternative removal method.

Please note that a small charge applies for disassembly and reassembly.

Maintaining Safety Standards

Of course, one person should never lift large pieces of furniture alone. Doing so can lead to injury, so always ask a friend or a colleague to assist you. Better still, call in the professionals to take care of the heavy lifting on your behalf. Our furniture removal experts know this better than anyone. We make sure heavy items receive the right number of hands, with all operatives trained in safe lifting practices.

Nothing is more important to us than the welfare of our Pudsey and Cleckheaton customers. Never move large or heavy items of furniture when we can do the hard work for you safely.

Call James Bros Removals

Rely on our time-served furniture removal company to help you with any relocation project. Not only do we move your items quickly and safely, but we also arrange self-storage facilities in the Pudsey area with recommended providers should you need them. As specialists in our field, we can offer you a full, part-load and packing service, which also includes the dismantling and reassembly of larger items at a reasonable cost.

We continue to serve customers across the United Kingdom, having transported furniture safely from all Cleckheaton, Leeds, Bradford and West Yorkshire areas in the past. Please get in touch to arrange a pre-move survey.

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