Furniture Removal in Leeds and Bradford | The Most Effective Ways to Move Furniture

Are you preparing to move large pieces of furniture into another space? If so, trying to take on the hard work yourself can cause more harm than good. Not only could you damage the item itself, but you could even hurt yourself in the process. As a furniture removal company with a reputation in areas such as Leeds, Bradford and West Yorkshire, we come fully trained by the British Association of Removers (BAR). Our team understand the proper techniques and works to ensure safe working conditions.

In this blog post, we talk through some of the practices we employ to guarantee safety. Read on to find out more or get in touch for domestic and commercial furniture removal at an affordable cost.

A Clear Idea of the Available Space
Make sure the space in your Leeds or Bradford home can support the furniture before trying to move it. You can do this by measuring the area carefully. After all, an oversized sofa will only need to be moved back and lead to more work in the long-run. By checking beforehand, you minimise the amount of exertion required.

Clear Potential Hazards
Are there chairs in the way of the sofa? Perhaps the floor in your Leeds or Bradford home needs drying before you can shift your items. Given the importance of health and safety, you should make certain that all routes are clear. With a talent for furniture removals, we look for anything that may cause an issue.

Disassemble Large Items
Desks, beds and sporting equipment may need to be disassembled. At James Bros Removals, we can do this for you and will be happy to discuss all parts of the job during the pre-move survey. We can also reassemble your furniture and equipment once it reaches its destination. For these reasons and more, we remain a preferred choice for furniture removal in Bradford, Leeds and West Yorkshire.

Safe Weight Distribution
Of course, one person shouldn’t lift large pieces of furniture alone. Doing so can lead to bodily harm, so always contact a friend or colleague to assist where necessary. Our furniture removal experts in Bradford and Leeds know this better than anyone. We make sure heavy items receive the right number of hands, with all removers trained in safe lifting practices.

Call James Bros Removals
Rely on our time-served furniture removal company to help you with a relocation project. Not only do we move your items quickly and safely, but also have a self-storage facility ready and waiting. As specialists in the field, our team can offer a full, partial or no-pack service and reassemble all manner of items for future use.

We continue to serve customers across the United Kingdom, having transported furniture safely throughout Bradford, Leeds and West Yorkshire. Please speak with us to get the process started with a pre-move survey.

For furniture removal in Leeds, Bradford and the surrounding areas, please call the local experts on either 0113 873 0052 or 07857 241416.

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