House and Furniture Removal in Pudsey | Things to Consider Ahead of Moving Day

As a house removal company with a reputation for great customer service in the Pudsey area, James Bros Removals handles all items with proper care. Our team assists with packing, part-loads, full house removals and even furniture removal. We also arrange self-storage facilities with recommended providers to keep possessions safe if you have a transitional period to overcome as well!

Our experts understand that moving day can be a stressful, emotional experience. We make the situation easier with outstanding customer care.

Because we trade as one of the most trusted house removal companies in our region, James Bros Removals can also help businesses in the Pudsey area to relocate across the UK. Please call our house, office and furniture removal specialists on 0113 873 0052 or 07934 588 275 for advice, to arrange a pre-move survey, or to discover more about flexible self-storage contracts through our recommended providers.

4 to 6 Weeks Before Moving Day

With the big day still some way off, now is the perfect time to declutter your home and to prepare for a more spacious lifestyle. You won’t want to take all of your old items with you because it may lead to a lack of living space further down the line. We refer to minimising your belongings as life laundry. With a little hard work now, you can make house removals easier when that distant moving day finally arrives.

Whether you’re moving to another part of Pudsey or relocating outside of Yorkshire, our house and furniture removal company will be happy to discuss your downsizing needs. We deliver the house removal service you deserve. This approach makes us one of the most popular removal companies in our region.

With self-storage arranged if you feel pressured and don’t know what you wish to throw away just yet, we make dealing with your life laundry a simple, seamless process.

2 to 4 Weeks Before Moving Day

Once you reach this stage, you need to start taking the big day a little more seriously. Think about notifying your bank of your move, redirect your mail, call the babysitter and update your driving and TV licence. Change details with insurance companies and with internet providers. You also need to let your dentist and doctor know how far you plan to relocate in case you need to have your files transferred to another surgery after a house removal.

Choose us ahead of other removal companies in the Pudsey area, and our house removals include a series of packing services. Even if you only need a partial removal, or furniture removal for one or two items, we can help. And, because we can help you to find recommended self-storage facilities too, James Bros Removals can take belongings from your home weeks before you actually move.

1 Week Before Moving Day

With your new home ready and waiting for you, now is the time to empty the freezer, and to dismantle larger items furniture. It is also a good time to make sure you have access to your new property. With a day or so to go, give notice to your water, gas and electricity providers. You may also wish to notify neighbours that you are moving. If you have a property with shared doors or gateways, we can perform house removals or furniture removals more efficiently without obstructions.

Customers in Pudsey choose us ahead of other removal companies because of our polite manner, our willingness to help, and the care with which we treat their personal possessions. Please get in touch to discuss packing, dismantling and assembly (for a small charge), furniture removal, arrangements for self-storage and more.

Home, business or office, we make removals simple, seamless and just that little bit easier to bear.

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